EASYANALYSIS is specialized in Biomedical and Bioinformatics Analysis (clinical and omics data) as well as in Biomedical Data Management (ie Electronic Patient Folder and Laboratory Information Management System).

EASYANALYSIS offers a suite of bioinformatics and biomedical software tools for the analysis of biological and medical data, on the basis of a long practical experience in the field .

The tools are oriented to the management of genomic data related to Affymetrics microarray and to the analysis of medical data, and include:

  • micro-CS: a tool, operating as a web service, to normalize, summarize and annotate gene expressions produced by Affymetrix Microarray. In particular, the system handles the automatic selection and upgrading of the software libraries that are needed by the Affymetrix tools to preprocess and annotate gene expressions for further statistic and data mining analysis (e.g. through TMEV software). The tool is available with a stand-alone user-interface or as a TMEV plug-in.
  • SNP-Analyzer: a tool for automated pre-processing and pattern extraction from SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) non numeric data generated by the Affymetrix DMET platform. In particular, the system finds and highlights all statistically significant SNP variations found in the data.
  • miRNA-Analyzer: a system for automated data pre-processing and pattern extraction on miRNA (MicroRNA) data generated by an Affymetrix platform, through QCTool and TMEV wrapping.
  • ePatient-Record: a specialized health record for managing health issues of sport teams. The system allows to track diseases, accidents, treatments, recovery times of sport athletes, with the aim to support the monitoring of team members and to analyse accidents evolution.

The tools have been designed from practical experience and already extensively field-tested; and its different modules have been published in journals with high impact factor such as BMC BioInformatics, Briefings in Bioinformatics, Proteomics. The tools are based on Java technolgy and run on Windows, Mac OS and Linux platforms.